It’s easy to succumb to the cold winter blues. These past weeks, I’ve been on a fun TV tour across the country, from Baltimore to Seattle. I’ve come across many tips and tricks that will turn your winter woes to wows, even during a snowstorm! Why shouldn’t you want to be radiant all year long? From the best moisturizers, to the best hair serums, this guide is what you need in your life.
Start Your Day Off With a Smile:
Problem: With the lack of sunlight during the wintertime, we are all bound to feel the winter blues, which indeed has an effect on our mood and energy.
Solution: Research had shown that when you smile it can completely change your mood and releases endorphins and cortisol to make you feel better. Be sure to take care of your smile with Supersmile’s Professional Whitening System. It safely whitens surface and intrinsic stains for whiter and brighter teeth and will sure you have you grinning from ear to ear!
Chapped, Dry Lips
Problem: Do your lips feel like they are going to basically die from being so chapped? Winter lips are the opposite of baby soft.
Solution: Bodyography Professional Cosmetics announces the brand new Exfoliating Lip Duo. The new Sugar Lip Scrub and solid Marula lip oil not only polishes the lips, but heals and conditions with natural butters and oils. Marula Oil is rich in fatty acids, nutrients & antioxidants to soothe irritation, minimize the appearance of lines and wrinkles, and heals and protects dry and delicate skin. The ‘scrub’ is made of sugar granules and has a tropical ‘mojito’ scent.

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Moisture That Lasts:

Problem: Yes, that hot morning shower feels great – but once you leave your bathroom, your skin tends to shrink up, and dry up!
 Solution: Lock in moisture with Jergens Ultra Healing Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer ($3.99 for the 8-10 oz. and $6.99 for the 16.8-21 oz., Grocery, mass retailers and drugstores nationwide). Infused with new Hydralucence™ technology, Ultra Healing® Extra Dry Skin Moisturizer offers long-lasting hydration plus it visibly enhances skin’s tone, texture, and luminosity.

Stop Static:

Problem: In winter, the combination of indoor central heating with weather that’s bitter cold or soggy wet can turn hair into a frizzy, brittle mess of static immune to your styling attempts. And that’s on the good days.

Solution: Try, Frizz Ease® KERAFLEX™ Flexible Hold Hairspray. this Keratin-infused micro-fine mist creates a soft to the touch, brushable hold that sets your style and eliminates frizz and flyaway’s that plague dry, winter hair. This versatile formula can be used during the styling process and to lock in a finished look.


On the Go Coverage:

Lumene Vitamin C Beauty Drops

Problem: Having fun outside on the slopes or in the skating rink can wreak havoc on your skin causing horribly chapped skin – but when you’re on the go, getting that extra boost of moisture relief can deem extremely challenging.
Solution:Treat skin this winter to a luxurious, velvety treatment! These tiny drops from Lumene are great to pack in your weekender bag before hitting the slopes while giving your skin long-lasting hydration and radiant energy, day and night. Formulated with Vitamin C and Arctic Cloudberry, it visibly diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles plus protects against signs of aging.

Price: $21.99

Where to purchase: CVS,, Ulta and

LUMENE_Bright-Now-Vitamin-C-Drops_PACK_17662_Use for ex

Brittle Nails:

Problem: Many times over-looked nails need protection – especially in these bitter winter months! Oftentimes the change in season seems to suck the life out of once-healthy nails, causing them to crack and break easily. Cold weather also contributes to slower body circulation that causes nail growth to slow down. When asked how people care for their nails, many don’t have a clue!
Solution:A faveof national beauty editors and the recipient of many “Best Of” awards, Duri’s Rejuvecote is a great $14 fix available online at or at nail salons nationwide. Rejuvacote’s intensive strengthening formula contains keratin and calcium, mends split, peeling and cracked nails and repairs even the most damaged digits. In addition, Rejuvacote works with your body’s chemistry to stimulate growth and makes nails more flexible, lessening future chances of breakage. Money-saving base AND top coat and let’s be honest, chipped polish never looks good on anyone…no matter what the season.
Night Time Activity:
Problem: Your après ski time in the hot tub caused your skin to shrivel up and dry out.
Solution: Treat your skin to the ultimate deep rehydration with Skin & Co Roma Umbrian Apothecary Truffle Oil for your body. Perfect for after a hot shower or dip in the hot tub, this body oil is infused with organic sunflower oil to lock in moisture by preventing it from evaporating from the skin. Absorbs easily without the grease and leaves skin with an overall healthy, youthful appearance and light enough not to clog your pores!


Night Time For Your Face:
Problem: During the winter months, we bundle up as much as possible however our faces tend to be left exposed to the elements the most leaving it vulnerable to cold, dry wind and snow.
Solution: Because our skin regenerates overnight, it’s important to use a night cream that will provide deep hydration and recharge your skin overnight. I love VOLANTÉ’s Restorative Night Crème. It’s fortified with clinically proven ingredients and 7 VITAE, a patent-pending blend of botanicals infusion of peptides to help boost collagen production and improve elasticity.


Conair Perfect Pony Kit
About: With The Perfect Pony Kit by Conair, you have the key to the flawless pony tail without having to use uncomfortable hair products. Start your morning with an eye-catching updo and return to long luscious hair by nighttime. No other brushes, products, or tools are necessary to transform long strands into sleek ponytail style, and the accessory works on both straight and curly hair.
Avon Ultra Color Bold Lipstick
Ultra Color Bold Lipstick has high-impact lip color with 50% more pigment packed into every stick for Avon’s boldest lipstick yet. Features True Color Technology, so the high-voltage color you see in the package is the color you get on your lips. Ultra Color Bold Lipstick has a moisturizing texture and creamy feel with full even coverage that lasts for hours.


Lancome My French Palette $58 and Le Stylo Waterproof in new shades of Vert Tuileries and Gris Rivoli; $27


Jo Mousselli Beauty GlideLiner Long Lasting Eye Pencil Golden Olive, Sapphire and Plum
HOT BODY TREND – Perfect skin below the chin. Until very recently we all just had to deal with imperfections on our arms and legs, but now you can pull off a flawless complexion from head to toe.
Start by exfoliating. Pick a daily body exfoliator like Skin & Co. Umbrian Truffle Exfoliating Body Gel, it has ground apricot Kernels to remove dead skin cells AND black truffle extract for anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects. Then apply Jergens BB Body Perfecting Cream – a true beauty breakthrough, it does it all – hydrates, illuminates, evens skintone and minimizes imperfections. AND it has SPF!! Goes on sheer and dries quickly.
A scrub that is light enough to use everyday is finally available. A combination of Truffle Extract and Apricot kernels, this body scrub does a lot more than just clean the skin. The Black Truffle extract in this wash have powerful anti-oxidant and anti-aging effects on the skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The ground Apricot Kernels remove dead skin cells and reveal new fresh skin while the organic Jojoba and Aloe Vera leave your skin refreshed. This scrub stimulates skin regeneration and has tightening properties.
Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream
A never-before-seen in the U.S., the Jergens BB Body Perfecting Skin Cream is a breakthrough product that provides 5 beautifying benefits in one moisturizer for a flawless appearance. The formula hydrates, illuminates, evens skin tone, visibly firms skin, and minimizes the appearance of imperfections. The all-in-one moisturizer contains an exclusive blend of natural Shea Butter, skin smoothing emollients, and a Firm Perfecting Complex™ to enhance texture and luminosity. The luxurious formula absorbs into skin to provide immediate benefits as well as long lasting visual improvements with continued use and features a patent-pending Self Adjusting Tone Technology. The non-transfer formula goes on sheer and dries quickly, providing optimized benefits for both Light and Medium-Deep skin tone ranges.
JERGENS® BB Hand Perfecting Hand Cream with Sunscreen
Enjoy five times more youthful looking hands including Broad Spectrum SPF 20 protection from just one hand cream. Over time, environmental exposure leaves hands looking dull and uneven, making them one of the first places that can show signs of aging. Rejuvenate hands with a breakthrough multi-benefit targeted hand solution. This non-sticky, non-greasy, all-in-one hand cream instantly hydrates and smoothes skin, while broad spectrum SPF 20 helps protect skin from the sun. With a blend of citrus extracts, Vitamins C and B3 and humectants, this formula evens skin tone and visibly diminishes dark spots in just 2 weeks. This innovative hand cream is specially designed to enhance all skin tones.


VOLANTÉ Intensive Repairing Serum
This luxurious serum is enhanced with clinical levels of syncol and matrixyl for ultimate skin-firming and wrinkle reduction. Comprised of the highest concentration of 7 VITAE, the serum helps protect, heal, and repair skin while you sleep. Gently exfoliate without irritating your skin with high concentrations of Bromelain. The Aloe Vera in the serum calms the skin, while Calendula provides intense soothing to the skin while stimulating new cell growth.

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The Nail Color YOU Need:

I love the new shimmering reds I’ve been seeing everywhere. They’re sexy and fun. Definitely the best color of the season.