This Spring and Summer,  braids are THE hairstyle to wear!

French pig tail braids, braids into a top knot, braided crowns and more.1a1bc51c-e9d4-4782-b4fb-ae5e0326291d 61ae1a66-a894-4dbc-8799-47d282a0ec41

These looks are easy ways to pull your hair out of your face on a humid day, or rainy day– while still looking cute.

They last more than one day too! Sleep in your braids, and the next day they’ll have that messy relaxed look!081c737a-e13b-4c98-973e-24194824a086 7067cddd-7a2a-4b3d-82e1-2d5c2c4b9ba8

Since festival season is here, these braided hair styles are perfect for those as well.

Try one of these looks for any upcoming occasion, or any casual day… they work for both!