Every year the fashion world (actually just everyone) looks forward to the Met Gala. It takes place at the Metropolitan Museum in New York City, and is a night of full blown fashion! Designers coordinate with the hottest celebrities, and fashion icons, and create unique things for this night alone. Every year has a different theme, this years was Manus Machina, the fashion age of technology!

I was a little nervous to see what was to come for last nights red carpet, but I actually liked what I saw!

My top 3 favorite looks had to be Beyonce, Claire Danes and Zoe Saldana.


I have actually NEVER seen Beyonce look bad at the Met Ball, or anything for that matter. So I wasn’t too surprised when she arrived and like “Flawless”.


Claire Danes really stood out to me because her dress actually lit up!!! Come on, how amazing is that!?

I wasn’t impressed by it until I saw the lights. I thought it was gorgeous, obviously, but didn’t go with the theme. But I was wrong, it was perfect.


Lastly, Zoe. This train on her dress was absolutely beautiful, no matter where this was worn it would have caught everyone’s eye.

That is was she did last night!

What were your favorite looks from the Met Gala 2016?!