Like many of you, BHL Productions headed home last week to enjoy free food, cozy Thanksgiving gatherings, and pug snuggles (woops, only I enjoyed that part). I love being home because it centers me and reminds me of how far I’ve come and why I need to keep moving forward no matter what. I reflected on everything while in Rochester and found myself mentally exhausted as I pondered life’s dilemmas from what trends to invest in this winter and what shade of purple I look best in (answer: lavender).
I wasn’t surprised when my thoughts took me back to my middle school cafeteria with the “cheese wall”  (our cafeteria had ugly, pale yellow walls with holes in it, looking like Swiss cheese). During these times, is when I discovered the importance of lunch. Lunch is a time to celebrate, it’s your break from math class or your opportunity to sit next to someone cute.
Welcome to Bridgit’s Lunch Box Throwback (#tbt) edition. I’m taking you back to the cheese wall cafeteria to eat gushers and gossip about Jesse McCartney.
Fruit Roll Ups – You were one cool kid if you ate and played with these during lunch. I was a big fan of the roll ups that left tattoos on your tongue. Such a stylish accessory.
Capri Sun – You felt like you were getting your Vitamin C for the day, but you were really only getting sugar and popularity points. After I drank mine, I used to fold the pouch up and pretend it was a cell phone. It was way better than the iPhone 6! 
Gushers – I always preferred Gushers over Fruit Roll Ups. Whenever my mom treated my siblings and I to these treats, I knew it was going to be a good week sitting next to the cheese wall. 
Taco Salad Day – The day that everyone bought lunch, even me, was on Taco Salad Day. The line would be outside the cafeteria as everyone waited for the yummy, cheesy and crunchy lunch. I think there needs to be a mandatory Taco Salad Day across the country.
Make your own healthy taco lunch with grass-fed beef, avocado, and crunchy lettuce. 
Little Debbie Anythang – I like to think that my palette has grown more sophisticated and refined as I’ve matured into the dashing woman I am today, but I would still devour a Little Debbie Swiss Cake Roll. #noshame.
Lunchables – The KING of every cafeteria across America. Packing a Lunchable was like opening your dream gift on Christmas morning. I would absolutely not eat one today, but  the twelve year-old in me will always worship Lunchables. 
My high school lunch table as we all enjoy an Upstate New York apple.  
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 When not eating lunch, Bridgit Kasperski is growing her public relations career in NYC! She is currently the Account Coordinator for BHL Productions, a start-up company that specializes in fashion/beauty public relations and television. Bridgit has also worked for Janine Just Inc. PR agency, Google and SUNY Plattsburgh. She loves to travel, pugs, reads way too many magazines, is a blossoming foodie and believes that public relations and the way we communicate can bring about positive social changes. Check her out here,
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