Hey lunch mates!
This week the lunch trending at BHL is pasta. Anyway you dress it, pasta is in.
Brittney sported her pasta in a classic red sauce that she boasted, “was so good.” I paired my whole wheat pasta with a zesty pesto sauce that left me dreaming of my next meal immediately.
However, lunch is the meal I am always preparing for because it is the most vital to my survival. Here’s why you need your lunch break in order to remain fierce, fabulous and full.
1. Better Lunch, Better Worker. If you skip lunch, you skip the big media hit, story or promotion. Food gives you energy thus making you more productive. Pack your lunch with foods that can help you snag that pay raise – fish, whole grains, raw carrots (we snack on these all day!), blueberries, raw nuts, avocado (smear some on a slice of whole wheat bread) and chocolate (YES!) will give you that extra boost you need to dominate the rest of your day.
2. You Deserve a Break. These days, only 1 in 5 workers take a lunch break. The one that eats, is the one that succeeds. Bridgit’s Box commandment. If you never take a break, you lose your creativity and the zest you have for your job. Everyone deserves space to regroup and refocus.
lunch 1
3. You Will Be More Pleasant. When you don’t eat, you become annoyed and irritable with just about everyone and everything around you. You won’t score that promotion or “Best Personality” award with a hungry attitude like that. Sorry honey.
4. Eat Like  a High Level Exec. According to CareerBuilder, about 40 percent of executives pack a lunch for work. Keyword: pack. No buy. If the execs are doing it, you should too.
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