Allow me to introduce myself.
 I am Brittney’s right hand woman and can be often found pitching to the media, researching fashion trends, and coordinating client relations all with the best lunch in the office.
 Lunchtime is the time every woman looks forward to at work. It’s the time to take a well-needed mental break, to refresh your senses, and to reenergize your brain so you can take on the day like the Wonder Woman that you are.
How many of you ladies, like me, adore your lunch break (even if you are wolfing it down over your computer)?  Now, how many of you ladies, unlike me (and like Brittney), are spending at least $10 a day on lunch?
Lunchtime should not break the bank!  I’m saving both my wallet and waistline (well… the waistline not so much) by bringing my lunch in everyday to BHL Productions so I can spend my dough on the things that matter in life – shoes, magazines and any accessory with Beyoncé or a pug on it.
Bringing your lunch to work daily may sound intimidating and frustrating at first, but it’s super easy and fun! First, rock a super cute lunchbox so that anything inside automatically seems awesome. My lunch bag is cheesy, yet seasonal and cute. It also states my life theme: I <3 Lunch. Goal accomplished. Staples offers trendy lunch bags and for a cheap price!
photo 2 (14)
Next, bring in food that will make your co-workers just jealous enough that they won’t hate you. Everyday, Brittney salivates at my homemade lunches. Since fall has arrived, I am obsessed with making soup. Soups are fast, easy and healthy. I throw in as many veggies as I can in my soup and even better than that – they last you all week. Today, accompanied by my soup,  I brought in an avocado sandwich on whole wheat bread, with produced an instant “I’m-healthy-and-trendy” vibe in the office!
photo 1 (14)
Lastly, share! The other week, I brought spicy hummus with carrots and shared with our new intern. It was a great way to start a conversation with a fresh-faced co-worker and spread the hummus addiction!
Stay hungry as I unpack my lunch bag with yummy tips and tricks. No girl should go hungry or broke during BHL lunch break!
Meet me for lunch via that Twitter @BridgitKasper or Insta @Bridgit_Kasperski